The steel dimension of UTMK Ukraine LLC Company consists of a wide range of products, which are honed according to the factory GOST conditions. All steel products are classified regarding types, profiles, steel grades, and sizes. The steel rolling assortment of the company is constantly replenished, so the turnover is increased and is invariably in demand.

Considering that steel is important for the human not only as a material, but also as a profit, so new ways of its processing and application are constantly being opened. For our company the main goal is sustainable development, after which there are several more tasks, such as replenishment of the assortment, reasonable prices and constant quality criteria.

No matter which place our company occupies at the world or domestic arena, our specialists constantly demonstrate leadership skills. High standards of work are constantly observed, knowledge is improved and responsibility for every decision is manifested taken.

European Steel
European Steel

The assortment of products includes rolled steel delivery from Europe: Hardox , Swebor .

Modular structures

It is acceptable modular facilities for temporary using and living, which include complete set of windows, doors and modern materials.

Flat products

Steel sheet obtains many industries, which is in demand in the automotive industry, in building and construction and other areas.

Metallic structures

Today, such structures can be founded in the frame houses building field, garages, hangars, trade kiosks, corrugated steel cabins, and modular buildings.

Galvanized coils

The zinc coating provides not only electrochemical protection but also physical features due to the fact that there is permanent adhesion.

We live in a rapidly changing environment and we are bystanders of the profound changes in society, consciousness, funds and business.
Such characteristics as reliability, consistently high qualities, durability, affordable prices at the present-day world are signified a major role. Steel products can be produced on the equipment with professional functions, therefore products manufacturing of any complexity is possible within the limits of different volumes.



Firmly established resources in many countries of the world
What's new?

What's new?

As for product range so it will not be a surprise to anyone, but regarding the good customer service, so it may not be provided by all companies. A high level of customer satisfaction indicates the product of this brand is worthy of attention. For customers is important not only quality, but also quality of service. This is a kind of theorem.
The best sellers
Only time is able to mark leaders in the crowd who constantly work together and do not depart from general principles. In every particularly case it is meant to be used its own sales formula like constantly high quality, high customer-centered orientation, decent service.
Internal control standards in the production process
UTMK is an industrial enterprise with its own production and comprehensive range. UTMK is engaged the manufacture and sale of rolled metal products in retail and wholesale from 2013. There is demonstrated a various rolled metal among the range of the company:
  • Bar sections- channels, I-beams, angles, rebars, round bars, strips, wire rod and others;
  • Metal rolled tubes - seamless, boiler, welded, different kinds and purposes of the profile pipe;
  • Steel sheets- hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets;
  • European steel production - Sweden wear-resistant steel delivery (Hardox, Swebor);
  • Bent profile - channels, angles, Z-shaped profile.
The company's rolled metal catalog includes profile metal as well. UTMK has metal stock in Poltava, Dnepr and Kiev. The company sells roll black products in Ukraine and abroad (Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland, Turkey). In order to find out the metal goods prices, it is necessary to download the price-list or by opening the "Price" tab on our website. Regarding to the roll black metal cost so we provide discounts to regular customers and for the bulk orders our company carries out an individual approach for each consumer. At UMTK Company you can not only buy metal in Kiev, but also get modular structures for temporary residence and steelworks for the frame construction manufacturing. Our metal warehouses in Dnepr, Poltava and Kiev carry out cutting and delivering of metal in all over the whole country. In order you need to purchase metal rolled goods in Kiev and throughout Ukraine, call on the noted phone number, and the company's specialists will provide you all the necessary assistance. UMTK follow sits own reputation and makes an efforts to develop long-term relationships.